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Why We Got Started

We combine the flexibility of an external law firm with the business focus of in-house counsel to efficiently assist our clients with their legal needs.

From The Beginning


Fincher Stroud Law was founded in 2016 to provide an in-house counsel model to businesses that do not want or need full-time in-house counsel. We saw businesses foregoing legal advice due to high costs or inflexibility of the traditional hourly rate billing model.

We sought to create an accessible firm that provides general counsel and project-based services to efficiently assist our clients wherever they are in the life of their businesses.


Fincher Stroud Law continues to assist a variety of business clients, and expands its representation of tech clients and entrepreneurs. Throughout the year, we continue to build on our philosophy that proper legal guidance and planning during all stages of business growth can mitigate future problems.


We launched www.fincherstroudlaw.com in early 2018, with a focus on expanding our client base, efficiently assisting and building relationships with our existing clients and growing our team. We continue our commitment to provide quality legal advice, becoming long-term advisors to a wide range of business clients.

Christine Fincher Stroud


Christine’s broad and diverse experience both in-house as company counsel and as a law firm associate gives her a unique business-focused perspective. She has seen first-hand how proper legal guidance and planning during all stages of business growth prevents future problems.

Having managed complex legal matters as in-house counsel, she uniquely understands the perspective of both in-house counsel and business owners and the need for cost-effective and efficient legal work.

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How We Work

Simple process for complicated work


Initial meeting

When you contact us, we set up an initial meeting to establish your business goals and project needs.


Estimate and Engagement

After ensuring there are no conflicts, we provide an estimate for you to review and approve.



We work with you through the established timeline to finish your project in a timely manner.



Upon approval, we provide an invoice and disengagement letter to end the project.

Effective Budget
For Legal Costs

We offer both hourly rates and fixed fees as well as discounted monthly subscription general counsel services. While some work is done using the traditional hourly rate, we strive to provide our clients with innovative billing solutions using alternative fees so that they know the price you will pay before the work begins.

Work Space

We work remotely through cloud-based services, video conferencing, email, and over the phone. This allows us to service clients nation-wide seamlessly. We are happy to meet you at your place of business or other convenient location if necessary.

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